Foreign high school students admired science workshops

16 high school students and 13 teachers, who came to Şehitkamil from Macedonia, Serbia, Hungary and Portugal with the Erasmus project of the European Union, visited Bilim Şehitkamil. The students, who had design and coding experience in astronomy, design and technology workshops, were amazed by the workshops.
Teachers and students from Macedonia, Serbia, Hungary and Portugal gathered in Bilim Şehitkamil with the “Project to overcome the challenges of information and communication technologies”, which was carried out under the auspices of the Erasmus project of the European Union, under the coordination of Gaziantep Sabahattin High School of Social Sciences of Zaim. The delegation made up of 16 high school students and 13 teachers; participated in studies in astronomy, design and technology workshops. Students and teachers created their own designs and codes with support from trainers.
”It was a very good experience and a great opportunity”
Evaluating after the visit, project coordinator Hristina Bozoska Nikoloska said, “We are in Gaziantep with our students from Macedonia, Serbia, Hungary and Portugal. The aim of the project is to overcome the challenges we face with scientific technology. We have overcome many difficulties so far. Of course, we appreciated the Turkish hospitality very much. We were particularly impressed with Bilim Şehitkamil’s workshops. It was a wonderful experience for our students and teachers. Here our students had the opportunity to do their own coding and designs on the computer. It was a very good experience and a great opportunity for them because they had the chance to use technology in different ways. We will tell about our experiences here in our own countries and encourage other students to come to Gaziantep, Bilim Şehitkamil. I sincerely thank our teachers here for their hospitality.
”Golden opportunity”
Hilmi Beklevic, high school English teacher and project coordinator, Gaziantep Sabahattin Zaim, said in a statement:
“Today, we are welcoming our 4 foreign partners to Gaziantep as part of the project we are carrying out as a school. Our partner countries are Macedonia, Serbia, Hungary and Portugal. We have 29 guests, 4 students and 3 teachers from each country. We would like to introduce the beauties of Gaziantep both culturally and as a city to our guests during this one week tour. We have now arrived at Bilim Şehitkamil with our guests. Our students and teachers work here in the space, design and technology studios. Of course, Bilim Şehitkamil was one of the important subjects of our project. There are workshops that suit us very well in the fields of technology, design and information and communication technologies. At this time, our students also received their training in the workshop in a very pleasant way. Our goal is to popularize the use of information and communication technologies in education, to increase cooperation between institutions and to increase tolerance and understanding between cultures. Indeed, Bilim Şehitkamil is a unique opportunity for Gaziantep. In this regard, I would like to thank the Mayor of Şehitkamil and all those who contributed. »
”It was an unforgettable experience”
High school student Jelena Marjanovic, who participated in the project from Serbia, said: “I come from Serbia. First of all, I want to thank my teachers for bringing me here. Because Bilim Şehitkamil was really an unforgettable experience for us. Thanks to our teachers here, we have worked in many workshops. I liked Bilim Şehitkamil very much and was happy. Here I attended the astronomy workshop, I attended the design workshop, I attended the technology workshop. I did my own design and coding. I believe my experiences here will make great contributions to my life in the future. Again, I want to thank our teachers for hosting us here.

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