Last minute: Freed: more than a million Syrians will return home

“More than a million Syrians will return home”

National Education Minister Mahmut Özer and AK Party Deputy Chairman Numan Kurtulmuş gathered with young people on the occasion of “Young volunteers on the way to Yunus Emre” organized by the Leader Imam Hatipliler association in the Kızılcahamam district in Ankara. Minister Özer, who gave the opening speech, expressed his joy to meet young people who are on the path of Yunus Emre and said, “We have very valuable young people in our imam-hatip high schools in 81 provinces. Today, all of them, on the one hand, receive their education with enthusiasm, and on the other hand, their responsibilities really increase.” There are bright and brilliant youth who aspire to be the young generation of a growing country day by day, but we haven’t come to that point easily, so sometimes it helps to look at the 20-year journey of this story. The last 20 years have been a year, a period during of which enormous transformations have taken place in education.

Minister Özer said that after the great mobilizations of the past 20 years, equal opportunities in education were assured and said: “While the school enrollment rate in developed countries reached 100% after the Second World War , we have only been able to achieve these rates in the last 20 years, with a delay of 70 years. Today, with the quality of education. The question that speakers must answer first is why Turkey has waited 70 years Why did the children of this country have to wait 70 years to be able Not only have school enrollment rates increased with these huge transformations in education over the past 20 years, but the education system has also been a period in which democratic solutions were produced for social demands that gave clues to the origin of this 70-year delay,” he said.


AK Party Vice Chairman Kurtulmuş gave the opening lecture on “Yunus Emre in the Geography of Our Heart”. Stating that the international migrant crisis has recently been on the agenda in Turkey, Kurtulmuş said: “Like some fascist, extreme racist and radical circles in Europe, we can never speak of this as a crime against humanity. ; we cannot put it on our agenda. . It is a geography that has embraced all the oppressed of the world and extended a helping hand to the oppressed. The issue of immigrants is only one result. If you don’t focus on eliminating this result, it will not mean that the problem has been completely eliminated. For example, everyone talks about the issue of immigrants: “There are Afghans in Turkey. The Afghans came and they populate this place.” “But my brother, why don’t you say something to the West, say, ‘Why did you invade Afghanistan for 50 years?’ If you only impose death, only hunger, only internal conflict, only backwardness on people these people try to come wherever they are in the world to survive.One of the main problems behind these migrations, this are the occupations,” he said.

Kurtulmuş said that the human thing will be done in the immigration issue and continued as follows:

“We can never approach this problem through hostile racism. We can never approach this problem from a point of view that marginalizes people. We have to approach this problem from a human point of view and I hope that we let us hope that our Syrian brothers and sisters, who are almost 500,000, have returned. This is one of the reasons for these operations. To ensure safety and well-being there. Once safety is ensured in other regions as soon as possible, more than a million of our brothers and sisters will return to their homes and I hope we will see that Syria is a state of peace, a country of peace.” All countries are places where there are our friends, our brothers and our parents. I hope Turkey fights for this geography to be a region of peace, just as it wants peace between Ukraine and Russia with a view to peace, and the Black Sea as a sea of ​​names for peace. “

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