Ankara News – ABB tossed the ball to the ministry on a hop-on hop-off circuit

While passenger drop-off points, which allow Ankara residents to hop on and off intercity buses from the city’s four thoroughfares without going to AŞTİ, remain on the sign, a different explanation has come from the Metropolitan Municipality of Ankara (ABB), which had previously given citizens a “prohibited” answer on these points. Noting that these points … Read more

Ahmet Çalık’s father’s words at the funeral were heartbreaking

The funeral of Ahmet Çalık, footballer of Konyaspor, victim of a traffic accident in Ankara, was received by his relatives after the autopsy carried out at the Institute of Forensic Medicine and transported to the district of Elmadağ. A funeral ceremony was held for the national football player at the Elmadağ Sungur Mosque. Çalık’s family … Read more

1915 Çanakkale Bridge opens 12 days remaining Journey that took 5 hours will be reduced to 6 minutes

With the increase in the number of vehicles alongside the population, the Dardanelles Strait can be crossed with a long wait time due to the density experienced in the summer months, especially during school holidays. The countdown has begun for the opening of Çanakkale Bridge of 1915, which will provide a permanent solution to all … Read more

The ceiling price has collapsed

After the increase in fuel prices, it has become a dream to travel between cities by bus, plane and personal vehicle. During a vacation project, only travel expenses compete with the minimum wage. Subscribe Economic service The cost of living has also had an impact in the transport sector, particularly from the last quarter of … Read more

The director who unites literature and the big screen: Ömer Kavur

Kavur was born on June 18, 1944 in Ankara, the only son of Abbase Sina Moralı, who was very interested in art, and a civil servant İbrahim Şadi Kavur. Kavur, who started his studies in Kadıköy and went on to Robert College and Kabataş High School for Boys, decided to become a director while watching … Read more

A Turkish family got lost: we ended up in a military base in Russia!

Soner and İnci Sarıhan are an outdoor sports couple who call the return to the city “exile”. Being in nature, getting away from the city, getting away from the crowds has always been part of their life in various situations. After discovering that cycling is the most economical, environmentally friendly and fun way to pursue … Read more