There is legendary Nazi treasure! The 4-tonne metal box extracted from the basement created a stir

The box, which was found about 3 meters underground, is said to be 1.5 meters long and 50 cm in diameter. The discovery was made using a geo-radar scan of an abandoned conservatory in an 18th century palace in the village of Minkowskie in southern Poland. Excavations, which began in May last year at the … Read more

What happened to him changed his life! Big madness of a 100-year-old nurse

He woke up early in the morning. sent by your friends to your phone”Today is that day!“He read his messages one by one and smiled. With the support of his assistant beside him, he put on his clothes. He looked at himself in the mirror.”I can do it“He was going to do something he had … Read more

Last minute… It is reported that even if a nuclear attack is ordered, they may not obey it.

A top investigative journalist said Vladimir Putin’s order to strike Ukraine or the West with nuclear weapons would be ignored by his top commanders. Russian expert Christo Grozev, affiliated with open source research group Bellingcat, Many prominent military and security officials, as well as oligarchs, believed Putin was dying or seriously ill. According to Grozev, … Read more

“We have a rich table”

We had a holiday chat with Mehmet Aslantuğ, featuring food and cooking. Being in the spotlight, giving an interview is not for him. I can’t tell you how glad I am that he didn’t offend me. Mehmet Aslantuğ is a good friend and a successful actor who never changes his position, is always sensitive to … Read more

Bastard 10: These are Bucha’s butchers!

The group described as “war criminals” by kyiv are believed to belong to the 64th motorized rifle brigade. They were deployed in Buça while the aforementioned atrocities were being perpetrated. The faces and names of the so-called “Despicable Ten” were released by the Ukrainian Defense Ministry. Among the 10 soldiers identified are Staff Sergeant Viacheslav … Read more

An intercultural journey through the centuries: from Saint-Nicolas to Santa Claus

The calendars are believed to show 270 years, when Saint Nicholas, who is said to have saved Myra from starvation, sailors from accidents and innocents from evil, was born as the son of Epiphanius and Feofan in the town of Patara, today today. name Ovageleş, in the Lycian League. It is “raw” because all available … Read more

Journey to a Summer Story – Sunday

Sanem Özyürek Arman / – I am in Nişantaşı. I enter through the heavy door of an apartment that has seen through. How slowly time passes as you step into the wooden-door elevator. I am in the house of the master of masters, Haldun Dormen. Between 4 and 5 in the morning, just at … Read more

Why does Putin want Donbas so much? Experts commented on the new targets of the Russians

What must Russian President Vladimir Putin do to claim victory in this former industrial zone that he claims to be “liberating”? Is such a victory possible? Ukraine’s best-trained army forces were already deployed in the east, due to the intermittent eight-year war that began in 2014 against pro-Russian separatists. It is known that they suffered … Read more

Putin asked Israel for a church! – Last minute milliyet

As the Russian invasion operation against Ukraine continues, the long-awaited Russian attack on Donbass began the day before. After Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy’s statement to this effect, eyes are once again turning to Donbass and important developments are taking place on the ground. As it became known that Russia had launched attacks along the 480 … Read more

Surprising offer to the Ukrainian woman who is afraid of the trap! I did not expect that

Compiled by: Oğuzcan Atış / – The suffering of Ukrainian refugees does not end in the countries to which they go. Although the UN Refugee Agency is trying to take steps to prevent Ukrainian women from meeting malicious people and groups, this situation has not yet been fully resolved. However, there are individuals and … Read more