There is legendary Nazi treasure! The 4-tonne metal box extracted from the basement created a stir

The box, which was found about 3 meters underground, is said to be 1.5 meters long and 50 cm in diameter. The discovery was made using a geo-radar scan of an abandoned conservatory in an 18th century palace in the village of Minkowskie in southern Poland. Excavations, which began in May last year at the … Read more

Ghost Island! It was visible from the satellite, they were shocked when they went to look

Compiled by: Oğuzcan Atış / – Captain James Cook, one of the most brilliant names in the maritime history of the British Empire, organized many sea voyages on behalf of England throughout his life. During his expedition in 1770, mankind discovered the east coast of Australia. Australia, New Zealand and the surrounding ocean have … Read more

The last revolted words! It was executed after a quarter of a century.

He and his sister were walking along the road. It was a hot day in July 1996. They were in Missouri. They lived in this state in the Midwest of the United States. They had acted with his sister many times before. They would start again. They would set a house in a provincial town … Read more

Are you ready to hit the road – Culture and Art News

Sinem Celebioglu – There are some quotes, even if we don’t mention the author, we know immediately which book it is. “Around the World in Eighty Days”, the 150th anniversary of which we celebrate today, has content that reminds us of our childhood, continues to quicken the pulse of new generations and makes us feel … Read more

Caught looking out the window! mental hospital ghost

Dozens of “asylums” were built throughout Ireland during the 1800s. Of these, the mental hospital built in 1868 was by far the largest public building in the county at that time. Established on 52 acres of land and known as Ennis Mental and Neurological Diseases, the hospital served as Notre Dame Hospital when it was … Read more

The worst smells in the world discovered! Essential for breakfast is also on the list

Compiled by: Can Şişman / – german writer Patrick Suskind‘Smell’s’ novel, which has been translated into many languages, including Turkish, and adapted for the big screen in 2006, was one of the most influential literary texts on smell. The protagonist of the book is set in France in the 18th century. Jean-Baptiste GrenouilleOnly his … Read more

LAST MINUTE: Kinder Surprise sows panic in Europe! The company made a statement for Turkey – Latest News

125 cases of poisoning due to Salmonella bacteria, thought to have originated from egg-shaped Kinder Surprise chocolates in different countries across Europe, are being investigated. In many countries, it has been decided to recall the chocolates in question until the conclusion of the investigation. Association of specialists in infectious diseases and clinical microbiology. Dr. Süda … Read more

This is the Russian City of the Dead! The outgoing couldn’t come back alive

Compiled by: Betül Yasemin Keskin / – In a remote village in Russia, there is a medieval cemetery called the “City of the Dead”. This ancient cemetery contains the remains of more than 10,000 people, many of whom were expelled forever along with their clothes and personal belongings. Located just over the Georgian border, … Read more