LAST MINUTE: Announced to the world! This is how the Russian ship was captured

The date is November 2021… There is no indication that war is approaching yet and the first photos arrive from the Russian-Ukrainian border. In the photo released by US technology company Maxar, Russian leader Vladimir Putin’s troops are seen huddled together on the border with Ukraine. In December, Planet Labs was shooting its lens on … Read more

Famine alert! The world turned its eyes to Odessa

As the Russian invasion operation against Ukraine continues, all eyes are on the critical port city of Odessa, which has recently become the target of Russian attacks. 1 person was killed and 5 people were injured in Russian army attacks targeting Odessa on the Black Sea coast of Ukraine. A missile hit a shopping mall … Read more

It all started with this photo! Country Representing Escobar

Debanhi Escobar, 18, who lives in Mexico, suddenly disappeared on April 9. Before disappearing, she had attended a party in the state of Nuevo Leon with her friends. All that was known of Debanhi’s disappearance was a photograph of him alone on the Nuevo Laredo highway near the industrial city of Monterrey. What could have … Read more

LAST MINUTE: Shared on social networks! US President Biden says ‘genocide’ for the first time

Forty-eight days into the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Vladimir Zelenskiy, who was in front of the cameras at midnight, said the occupying troops had suffered irreparable losses. Recalling that Russian leader Vladimir Putin dreamed of capturing kyiv within 48 hours, but that 48 days had passed to the point reached, Zelenskiy said that the Russian … Read more

LAST MINUTE || The demand for chemical weapons is on the world’s agenda!

FOREIGN NEWS SERVICE – As Russia’s invasion of Ukraine continues, allegations of war crimes committed by Russian troops are mounting. Finally, allegations that chemical weapons had been used in the city of Mariupol, which was under Russian blockade, received a great deal of attention. In the statement of the Azov Battalion of the Ukrainian army, … Read more

The story of photography! Double thanks from Abramovich to President Erdogan

Russian businessman Roman Abramovich’s conversation with President Erdogan is on the agenda of his meeting in Dolmabahçe. It became known that Abramovic thanked Erdogan in this photo. SO WHY ARE YOU THANKS? According to the CNN Turk special report, the Russian billionaire stepped in and assumed the role of negotiator from day one with the … Read more