Horrible execution of the anti-mafia prosecutor and his wife during their honeymoon!

Everything seemed to be going well when the plane in which Ronaldinho and his brother, the greatest football star of an era, landed in Asuncion, the capital of Paraguay. At the time of passport control, the documents of Ronaldinho and his brother turned out to be fake. Brazilian brothers have been arrested for carrying false … Read more

The eyes of the world are on Dubai… He will be executed a few days later!

Israeli Fida Kiwan was convicted and sentenced to death for possession of cocaine at her home in Dubai. It is reported that Kiwan, who is 38 and 43 according to some sources, traveled to Dubai a year ago at the invitation of a Palestinian acquaintance to work there. Kiwan was arrested shortly after 500 grams … Read more

He made rebel the last words before being executed! A first in a quarter of a century…

The murder he committed in the mid-90s has never left him. For 25 years he lived in fear of being repeatedly executed. His words at the end of the film amazed the audience. They approached the house on which they had set their sights on the pretext of asking the address. A couple in their … Read more

The last revolted words! It was executed after a quarter of a century.

He and his sister were walking along the road. It was a hot day in July 1996. They were in Missouri. They lived in this state in the Midwest of the United States. They had acted with his sister many times before. They would start again. They would set a house in a provincial town … Read more

There is only one day left for her execution… The court has decided to postpone the Melissa Lucio case!

Hurriyet.com.tr/INTERNATIONAL NEWS April 26, 2022 9:50 a.m. TwitterLinkedInflip boardE-mailCopy linkCharacter font The whole world has been following the Mexican-American affair of Melissa Lucio for days. It has been claimed that Lucio, a mother awaiting execution for 15 years for killing her own child, was in fact innocent; The court and jury were said to have … Read more

LAST MINUTE RUSSIA UKRAINE NEWS: The whole world is locked on this date!

Russia, which has lost 15,000 soldiers and more than 500 tanks in Ukraine, has threatened the world with World War III, and the date of the application that will give the creeps to invader Vladimir Putin has been announced. A very critical meeting will take place in Germany, Europe’s strongest economy, hosted today by the … Read more

Only 5 days left… 14 women with children await their execution!

class=”medianet-inline-adv”> The chain of events that began on the evening of February 15, 2007 will end on April 27, 2022, with the execution of Mexican-American Melissa Lucio. This case, which has been followed closely by the whole world, and the death sentence to be carried out have generated great debate. He appealed to many famous … Read more

Russia ‘warning’ on arms aid – Milliyet News

FOREIGN NEWS SERVICE – While the whole world applies the sanctions against Russia, which continues its invasion operation against Ukraine, this also corresponds to the sanctions of Russia. The tension between Russia and countries like the United States and England is increasing day by day in the political dimension. Finally, it was stated that Russia … Read more

The soldiers who perpetrated the Buça massacre are coming back! Terrible assertion of Ukraine, commented an expert

For more than a month, Bucha, near the Ukrainian capital kyiv, was occupied by Russian troops. When the Russian troops withdrew, it turned out that the streets were littered with corpses, many of them with their hands tied behind their backs. Ukrainian authorities have found the bodies of 50 civilians killed in extrajudicial executions by … Read more

LAST MINUTE: US leader Biden spoke after images in Bucha! War crimes and should be tried

As the Russian occupation of Ukraine enters its fortieth day, the global echo of images from Bucha (Bucha), located northwest of the capital kyiv, does not stop. With the withdrawal of invading Russian troops, those who entered the city of 28,000, which crossed into Ukraine, saw dozens of dead bodies in the streets. Some had … Read more