A Russian collaborator caught hiding in the basement! A captive soldier spoke about ‘Cargo 200’

Nadiya Antonova from Kutuzivka, near Kharkov, was surrounded by Alpha Force troops and secret intelligence agents and taken away in handcuffs and now faces a life sentence. Local council secretary Antonova is accused of betraying her country by giving Putin’s occupiers the identity of police, military and counter-terrorism experts. Prosecutors said the identities of local … Read more

There is legendary Nazi treasure! The 4-tonne metal box extracted from the basement created a stir

The box, which was found about 3 meters underground, is said to be 1.5 meters long and 50 cm in diameter. The discovery was made using a geo-radar scan of an abandoned conservatory in an 18th century palace in the village of Minkowskie in southern Poland. Excavations, which began in May last year at the … Read more

“Fishing should not be practiced in the Bosphorus” – Breaking News Milliyet

Mithat Yurdakul / ANKARA – TUBITAK President Prof. Dr. Hasan Mandal spoke with Milliyet about the latest mucilage notifications, the Marmara Sea situation and climate projections. Stating that mucilage notifications in recent days are due to pollen, Mandal said getting rid of mucilage does not mean saving Marmara. Mandal said, “There still isn’t the life … Read more

Breaking news… They catch and fry in 2 minutes! Here is the reason behind the mortal tradition

They can approach tarantulas as pets, which many people can’t even get close to. More so, they catch these dangerous spiders and resell them by frying them in hot oil. Hundreds of tourists visit Skuon Market every year to see Cambodia’s largest spider market. Although the performances of young tarantula vendors in the market place … Read more

Havaist stops and departure times: how much are the 2022 Havaist fares?

Havaist, which provides urban passenger transport with Istanbul Airport, is the most used means of transport. Havaist, which organizes flights from 19 different centers and 51 intermediate stops, varies according to its stops. According to the latest published Havaist fee schedule, the lowest amount is 21 TL, while the highest is 32 TL. Havaist fare … Read more

Last minute: Superb claim from Russia! Biden’s son funded 30 of them in Ukraine…

After Russia’s attacks on Ukraine, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced that there were remains of biological laboratories in Ukraine that had been moved to different countries and concrete evidence had been obtained. Igor Kirillov, commander of the chemical and biological defense forces of the Russian army, told a press conference that the laboratories in … Read more