Famine alert! The world turned its eyes to Odessa

As the Russian invasion operation against Ukraine continues, all eyes are on the critical port city of Odessa, which has recently become the target of Russian attacks. 1 person was killed and 5 people were injured in Russian army attacks targeting Odessa on the Black Sea coast of Ukraine. A missile hit a shopping mall … Read more

Confusing claim! When Putin found out, he froze

New allegations about the private life of Russian leader Vladimir Putin continue to be on the agenda. Putin, who does not want his private life discussed and put on the agenda by others, said in a statement.I will never allow any interference with my privacy, this must be respected.” talked. Yet a new claim recently … Read more

LAST MINUTE: Putin defied the world! “The West was preparing to invade Russia”

Russia’s attempt to invade Ukraine entered its seventy-fifth day this morning. In Russia, which celebrated the defeat of Nazi Germany in World War II as Victory Day, Vladimir Putin, who invaded Ukraine, climbed the podium in Red Square. Vladimir Putin’s thoughtfulness in his early photos was striking. The Russian leader, who defended the decision to … Read more

The end of the pandemic scares them the most! “Poki are all over the country…”Quarantine has been the most peaceful time of my life”

class=”medianet-inline-adv”> One by one, men and women told how their lives had been ruined, their relationships shattered, their bank accounts emptied. A young father looked at the ceiling in embarrassment… His voice trembled when he explained that his son had stolen his piggy bank because of his gambling habit. A woman who was logged into … Read more

Now we eat the world – News Magazine

class=”medianet-inline-adv”> Food; The fight against climate change is at the heart of water stress, the reduction of pollution, the protection of soils, forests and world wildlife. Because half of the world’s habitable, ice-free, non-desert land is used for agriculture. 70% of fresh water is spent for this purpose, a quarter (26%) of global greenhouse gas … Read more

Ghost Island! It was visible from the satellite, they were shocked when they went to look

Compiled by: Oğuzcan Atış / Milliyet.com.tr – Captain James Cook, one of the most brilliant names in the maritime history of the British Empire, organized many sea voyages on behalf of England throughout his life. During his expedition in 1770, mankind discovered the east coast of Australia. Australia, New Zealand and the surrounding ocean have … Read more

What happened to him changed his life! Big madness of a 100-year-old nurse

He woke up early in the morning. sent by your friends to your phone”Today is that day!“He read his messages one by one and smiled. With the support of his assistant beside him, he put on his clothes. He looked at himself in the mirror.”I can do it“He was going to do something he had … Read more