There is legendary Nazi treasure! The 4-tonne metal box extracted from the basement created a stir

The box, which was found about 3 meters underground, is said to be 1.5 meters long and 50 cm in diameter. The discovery was made using a geo-radar scan of an abandoned conservatory in an 18th century palace in the village of Minkowskie in southern Poland. Excavations, which began in May last year at the … Read more

Ghost Island! It was visible from the satellite, they were shocked when they went to look

Compiled by: Oğuzcan Atış / – Captain James Cook, one of the most brilliant names in the maritime history of the British Empire, organized many sea voyages on behalf of England throughout his life. During his expedition in 1770, mankind discovered the east coast of Australia. Australia, New Zealand and the surrounding ocean have … Read more

The last revolted words! It was executed after a quarter of a century.

He and his sister were walking along the road. It was a hot day in July 1996. They were in Missouri. They lived in this state in the Midwest of the United States. They had acted with his sister many times before. They would start again. They would set a house in a provincial town … Read more

Minister Karaismailoğlu: Eğiste Viaduct will be one of our landmarks – Latest News

Adil Karaismailoğlu, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, came to the Hadim district of Konya to carry out inspections on the Eğiste Viaduct as part of some of his visits. Minister Karaismailoğlu first performed Friday prayers at Hazrat Hadimi Mosque and then visited Hazrat Hadimi’s tomb. Meeting with the Mayor of Hadim, Ahmet Hadimioğlu, Minister Karaismailoğlu … Read more

LAST MINUTE: Aid from a single country has exceeded the annual defense budget! It’s raining guns on Ukraine!

US President Joe Biden has announced that he will provide $800 million in new weapons and defense aid to Ukraine. Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said among the weapons to be sent to Ukraine are Mi-17 helicopters and howitzer artillery systems, as well as anti-artillery radars, aerial surveillance, tactical unmanned aerial vehicles, missiles and armored personnel … Read more

Last minute… Another bad news for Putin! They hastily deleted

Another bad news came to Russian leader Vladimir Putin, who lost seven of his generals in a month and a half of Ukrainian occupation, from his high-ranking soldiers. Putin named General Alexander Dvornikov, nicknamed the “butcher of Syria”, as the new commander of the invasion this weekend. The retreating Russian army from kyiv and Chernihiv … Read more