Famine alert! The world turned its eyes to Odessa

As the Russian invasion operation against Ukraine continues, all eyes are on the critical port city of Odessa, which has recently become the target of Russian attacks. 1 person was killed and 5 people were injured in Russian army attacks targeting Odessa on the Black Sea coast of Ukraine. A missile hit a shopping mall … Read more

The new power of TAF: HANÇER and DİNÇER! There is strong demand from Middle Eastern countries – Latest News

The unmanned ground vehicles, which aim to increase the effective and deterrent power of the Turkish Armed Forces, Security Forces and Gendarmerie, especially for use in residential area operations, are breathtaking in their characteristics. Electroland, which has a wide range in the production of unmanned ground vehicles, continues to produce products that will strengthen Turkey’s … Read more

Last minute… “The difficulties faced by the people of Moscow are nothing compared to what happened to those who live in Ukraine”

Rosenberg’s impressions are as follows: I saw communist Russia. I also lived in post-Soviet Russia. Today, the largest country in the world has entered a new era. Let me tell you how the “Special Military Operation” transformed Russia. At first glance, life in Moscow seems to be proceeding normally. There is traffic on the ring … Read more

The show that moved the whole world! His parents had also joined years ago.

The TV show “Old Enough” caused great controversy in Japan, where it aired. The storybook about the adventures of a boy named Miki, written by Yoriko Tsutsui in 1977, inspired the program. The history of the program goes back 30 years. Some of the parents in the episodes that aired in Japan this year were … Read more

Very useful product recommendations for those who make travel a lifestyle

Some have to travel for work, others for family visits and others just because they like it. However, the preparation process and the uncomfortable hours on the roads can make people feel cold from the trip. Fortunately, there are plenty of products designed to comfort everyday travel lovers every step of the way. These products … Read more

Children dressed in shalwar and dancing halay! Here is the behind the scenes of the event that went viral on social networks

The warm-blooded and hospitable African people live in Malawi, a country of 19 million people. However In a country with a very low income level, hunger and poverty are felt incredibly everywhere. Only 10% of the inhabitants of the region have access to electricity. declaring independence around 50 years ago when it was a British … Read more

LAST MINUTE: Deaths in quarantine in China! The economy is alarmed…

It is the first time such strict restrictions have been imposed on Shanghai, which until last month took a more relaxed approach than other Chinese cities. The townspeople were confined to their homes; many have to order food and water, wait for the government to release vegetables, meat and eggs. Videos shared on social media … Read more