Famine alert! The world turned its eyes to Odessa

As the Russian invasion operation against Ukraine continues, all eyes are on the critical port city of Odessa, which has recently become the target of Russian attacks. 1 person was killed and 5 people were injured in Russian army attacks targeting Odessa on the Black Sea coast of Ukraine. A missile hit a shopping mall … Read more

Russia Withdraws Troops From Syria – Milliyet News

According to information from the “Moscow Times” and the Israeli news site “DebkaFile” a few days ago, several military units were moved from bases in Syria to three airports in the Mediterranean to be transferred to Ukraine. The report also says that the abandoned bases in Syria have been transferred to Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Army … Read more

Shocked Snake Tamer! This happened to him for the first time before the eyes of people at the festival.

Eugene DeLeon Sr. He had spent most of his life in the US state of Texas. After many years spent where he was born, he made a promise to himself on the occasion of his 40th birthday. Eugene Dr. Leon Sr., who has lived a quiet life to this day. He was going to realize … Read more

LAST MINUTE: The Israeli press wrote! “Putin’s True Face”

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s remarks on Italian television on Sunday caused an earthquake on the Tel Aviv-Moscow line. Sergei Lavrov, who gave an interview to the Zona Bianca program on the Italian television channel Rete 4, was asked about the possibility of “cleansing the country of the Nazis”, which Moscow gave as the reason … Read more

LAST MINUTE || Russian tanks are on the program! The experts made the mistake…

British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said on Tuesday that 15,000 Russian troops had been killed in Ukraine and more than 2,000 armored vehicles, including 530 tanks, had been destroyed. According to British intelligence, the number of downed Russian fighter jets and helicopters is 60. According to the latest estimate of the Ukrainian military, the Kremlin … Read more

It all started with this photo! Country Representing Escobar

Debanhi Escobar, 18, who lives in Mexico, suddenly disappeared on April 9. Before disappearing, she had attended a party in the state of Nuevo Leon with her friends. All that was known of Debanhi’s disappearance was a photograph of him alone on the Nuevo Laredo highway near the industrial city of Monterrey. What could have … Read more