The waters do not calm down in Sri Lanka… Critical warning from the central bank: The country will sink in a few days! NEWS May 11, 2022 5:07 p.m. TwitterLinkedInflip boardE-mailCopy linkCharacter font The unrest and conflicts that have been going on for days in Sri Lanka are on the rise. Despite the resignation of the country’s prime minister, shops continued to be set on fire. While the new government could not yet be formed, the central … Read more

During the collapse, the first domino was to be Turkey instead of Sri Lanka.

The Guardian article, where the uprising in Sri Lanka was written, said: “In the process of economic collapse of developed countries, the first domino to fall had to be Turkey instead of Sri Lanka. Subscribe TOLGA UGUUR Even though the rebellion against hunger, poverty and mismanagement in Sri Lanka, one of the South Asian countries, … Read more

Incredible crisis in Sri Lanka! It will be worse than Corona: There are no more medicines in the country / FOREIGN NEWS April 11, 2022 10:05 a.m. TwitterLinkedInflip boardE-mailCopy linkCharacter font Apart from the rise in cases in China and the strict quarantine enforced, the world has almost forgotten about the coronavirus outbreak. While the crisis linked to the epidemic seemed to be forgotten in the world agenda marked by the war between … Read more