Famine alert! The world turned its eyes to Odessa

As the Russian invasion operation against Ukraine continues, all eyes are on the critical port city of Odessa, which has recently become the target of Russian attacks. 1 person was killed and 5 people were injured in Russian army attacks targeting Odessa on the Black Sea coast of Ukraine. A missile hit a shopping mall … Read more

Bastard 10: These are Bucha’s butchers!

The group described as “war criminals” by kyiv are believed to belong to the 64th motorized rifle brigade. They were deployed in Buça while the aforementioned atrocities were being perpetrated. The faces and names of the so-called “Despicable Ten” were released by the Ukrainian Defense Ministry. Among the 10 soldiers identified are Staff Sergeant Viacheslav … Read more

Last minute… “The difficulties faced by the people of Moscow are nothing compared to what happened to those who live in Ukraine”

Rosenberg’s impressions are as follows: I saw communist Russia. I also lived in post-Soviet Russia. Today, the largest country in the world has entered a new era. Let me tell you how the “Special Military Operation” transformed Russia. At first glance, life in Moscow seems to be proceeding normally. There is traffic on the ring … Read more

LAST MINUTE || Putin statement from Kremlin officials!

It is reported that the longer the occupation lasted, the more stubborn and fearful Russian President Vladimir Putin became. It turned out that the head of the foreign intelligence unit of the Federal Security Service (FSB), Colonel General Sergey Beseda, was transferred to Lefortovo high security prison in Moscow after being placed under house arrest. … Read more

LAST MINUTE: Eyes on the Fed’s decision! How will gold and currency prices be affected? – Latest news

The minutes of the Fed’s Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting held on December 14-15, 2021 have been released. It was pointed out in the minutes of the last meeting that the key rate was kept constant in the range of 0 to 0.25% and that the rate of decline in asset purchases was increased, … Read more

Invasion of Ukraine: Odessa farmers are on the verge of bankruptcy

The BBC wrote about the difficult days of farmers after the war between Ukraine and Russia. Boris nervously watches his farm workers dismantle and repair the dubbing machine. “I decided to harvest because I have to pay the wages of my workers and the money of the people to whom I rent this land,” explains … Read more

BREAKING NEWS: German intelligence leak! Russian massacre speech

On the forty-third day of Russia entered the occupation of Ukraine, the US Department of Defense at the Pentagon announced that the Russian army had completely withdrawn from the capital kyiv and the Chernihiv region. The American news agency Associated Press (AP) reports that Ukrainian troops are preparing for a new war in the eastern … Read more

LAST MINUTE: Kinder Surprise sows panic in Europe! The company made a statement for Turkey – Latest News

125 cases of poisoning due to Salmonella bacteria, thought to have originated from egg-shaped Kinder Surprise chocolates in different countries across Europe, are being investigated. In many countries, it has been decided to recall the chocolates in question until the conclusion of the investigation. Association of specialists in infectious diseases and clinical microbiology. Dr. Süda … Read more