There is legendary Nazi treasure! The 4-tonne metal box extracted from the basement created a stir

The box, which was found about 3 meters underground, is said to be 1.5 meters long and 50 cm in diameter. The discovery was made using a geo-radar scan of an abandoned conservatory in an 18th century palace in the village of Minkowskie in southern Poland. Excavations, which began in May last year at the … Read more

Caught looking out the window! mental hospital ghost

Dozens of “asylums” were built throughout Ireland during the 1800s. Of these, the mental hospital built in 1868 was by far the largest public building in the county at that time. Established on 52 acres of land and known as Ennis Mental and Neurological Diseases, the hospital served as Notre Dame Hospital when it was … Read more

LAST MINUTE: Governor Yerlikaya had called! Hadimkoy road open

On the Hadımköy connecting road, which was closed after the snowfall that started in the past few days, citizens left their cars at the roadside and drove home. A statement was issued to citizens who left their vehicles on the road which could not be opened for days, to remove their vehicles from the Istanbul … Read more

Havaist stops and departure times: how much are the 2022 Havaist fares?

Havaist, which provides urban passenger transport with Istanbul Airport, is the most used means of transport. Havaist, which organizes flights from 19 different centers and 51 intermediate stops, varies according to its stops. According to the latest published Havaist fee schedule, the lowest amount is 21 TL, while the highest is 32 TL. Havaist fare … Read more

He covered the 40 km route in 8.5 hours

Elif Gold – Life in Istanbul was paralyzed the day before due to heavy snowfall and snowfall. Due to peak hour snowfalls, there was excessive density in transit vehicles, while traffic came to a standstill at the same time. In some areas, vehicles have turned off the ignition. Some citizens parked their vehicles on the … Read more